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The Little Bird Unbakery asks for help

Little BirdThe incredibly popular Little Bird Unbakery has secured a wonderful (and tiny) space on Customs Street East to create a take-out only version of their famous unbakery in the Britomart Precinct.

Here they aim to serve a range of ready to go breakfasts, lunches, dinners as well as their famous desserts cabinet. In addition, they will be launching a new range of cold pressed juices, nut milks and tonics, made in house and full of nourishing organics goodness.

All good thus far, but owners Megan May and Jeremy Bennett have run into a problem. Little Bird has previously been supported by an ethical finance company called Prometheus Finance, but the day the couple signed the lease for the new location “was also the day we found out Prometheus had gone into voluntary receivership,” says May. “This is a real bummer for all customers of Prometheus, and a massive loss for social lending in NZ. For Little Bird, it means no more access to finance.” May and Bennett have long ago invested their life savings into the company, and are hoping the amazing little bird community might now like to get involved by contributing to a PledgeMe fund.

They say on their PledgeMe page: “We are doing as much as we can right now to get the space ready. With your help we will be able to pay for the big load of extra equipment we will need to operate the location. (This stuff aint cheap!) We need refrigerated display cabinets, fridges, freezers, blenders, mixers, scales, dehydrators, more fridges…. And then? Hopefully we can achieve our funding target, but there is still a bunch of extra stuff we need to hustle for. We will be producing a few hundred organic cold pressed juices each day and need to get this operation ready to go. We need several pallets of bottles, printing, sinks, shelves, more fridges… our stretch goal is $55,000, and anything over the $30,000 minimum target will go towards our organic juicing extravaganza.”

For those looking to help fund the project, they have put together a bunch of rewards that they hope “will cater to every little bird fan, from Auckland locals to long distance kiwi supporters and even to the global bird lovers all across the world. Have a look at the rewards listed and see what might tickle your fancy. Everything has been set with special pricing, so not only are you supporting us, but you are also getting some great deals!”

To pledge to the campaign and give little bird a little help go to: