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Mac’s Celebrates 35 Years of Brewing

rsz_screen_shot_2016-07-04_at_103912_amIt was 1981 and a humble publican by the name of Terry had a dream. He dreamt of starting his own brewery, but as it had been 50 years since anybody had applied to the government for a brewing license. Nobody knew how to apply, or even what forms he needed to fill out. After three long months of perseverance, the application came to life, Mac’s was born and the New Zealand brewing scene would never be the same.

A true innovator in the New Zealand craft beer scene, Mac’s is responsible for some of New Zealand’s favourite beers and craft beer firsts, including the release of New Zealand’s first green hopped beer, Mac’s Brewjolais, an incredible 10 years ago.

Fast forward to 2016, and Mac’s is still tinkering, innovating and has good reason to celebrate its 35 birthday. Fittingly, to celebrate such a significant milestone, the Mac’s brewers are letting it all hang out (like you should on your birthday) with the release of Mac’s Birthday Suit, a whopping 7.6% ABV Double IPA! With an IBU of 65, and rating a 7 on the Mac’s flavor scale, this truly is a Mac’s milestone worth celebrating!

Kurt Gross, former Shed 22 brewer and Lion Beer Ambassador says: “It’s fantastic for Mac’s to reach 35 years of brewing. What Terry did in the early 80’s really got the beer scene in New Zealand moving – and look how far it’s come! He was a pioneer doing something different and that’s what has inspired our brewers ever since, to make interesting and delicious beers that Kiwi’s love to drink! Over the years there have been some real standouts for me, with Mac’s Reserve and Copper Hop being some of my favourites. I know the brewers are really excited with Mac’s Birthday Suit and we can’t wait for people to try it. Happy Hoppy Birthday to Mac’s indeed!”

Mac’s Birthday Suit will join the permanent Mac’s range alongside the classics of Mac’s Gold and Black Mac (launched in 1982) and the newer brews, Mac’s Three Wolves Pale ale and Green Beret IPA. It will be available in 4 packs RRP $14.99 from July 1st and released on tap for a limited time.