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Making Cents of Refrigeration!

Save food, save labour, save space, save energy, save money with Adande undercounter refrigerated drawers.

Adande’s patented refrigerated drawers are unique to the marketplace, as cold air drops from above the tub down into the drawer. The cold air is then trapped in the drawer due to the weight of cold air pushing down and won’t spill out of the drawer when opened – leaving the cold air nowhere to go!  Ensuring that the cold air is retained when you open a drawer has led to energy savings of up to 40%. This in turn leads to a reduction in food spoilage and wastage as well as increased storage times. Food simply lasts longer and is kept in a far superior condition.

Suiting a broad cross section of foodservice applications with their ability to enable customers to differentiate their product offerings, you can find Adande units installed throughout both Michelin starred restaurants and QSRs worldwide.

Each drawer comes with the ability to be independently controlled within the range of –22°C to +15°C at 0.1°C increments. This precise system has won over chefs worldwide with its meal-time applications. From storing seafood or herbs, ice cream or chocolate, or even preparing cheeses before service, the possibilities are endless.

With products stored in plain view and in bulk, you make far fewer trips away from your Adande workstation to replenish stocks and stock checks take far less time. This also speeds up meal service and helps drive profitability.

With the highest levels of customer satisfaction and repeat orders, Adande drawers are your guarantee to a professional refrigeration system.

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