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McPlant nuggets premier in Germany

The world’s first plant-based nuggets at a McDonald’s restaurant will be available in Germany’s 1450 outlets today, replacing the vegan burger.

Also new on the menu is the McPlant Burger. It replaces the vegan burger and the Fresh Vegan TS, and McDonald’s has emphasised the plant-based characteristic of the nuggets and patties, avoiding the vegan designation.

This makes Germany the first country market with plant-based nuggets on the menu boards. According to the company, this is also the first time a plant-based alternative has been available in a Happy Meal.

McDonald’s and Beyond Meat worked together to create the new plant-based nuggets and tested them in nine restaurants in Stuttgart in August. The nuggets are made from peas, corn, wheat and tempura breading. Beyond Meat has also had a chicken substitute available in restaurants since mid-2021, when the company rolled out its revamped recipe.

In addition, the McPlant Burger, which is already available in Austria, the UK and the Netherlands, among other countries, is now permanently on the menu in Germany.

With the two new products, McDonald’s, and manufacturers Beyond Meat, aim to appeal primarily to flexitarians. This is because their market share is growing steadily in the German population. For the product launch, the company actively involved guests in the development in a broad-based market test.

The McPlant nuggets are said to be a real alternative to Chicken McNuggets in terms of taste.

The McPlant burger with the Beyond Meat patty is also based on pea protein in combination with cheddar processed cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, sandwich sauce, ketchup and mustard, and are claimed to be able to convince even die-hard McDonald’s fans.

The burger replaces the Fresh Vegan TS or Veganburger on the menu and no longer bears the vegan label. This is because animal products such as egg and milk are used in the sandwich sauce and cheese.

Guest wishes and transparency first

To distinguish the plant-based nuggets from the chicken nuggets, they come in a drop shape that is not found in the classic nuggets.

To publicise the new McPlant products, staff will be distributing free sample portions in McDonald’s restaurants in Germany from February 22 to March 01, 2023. From 02 to 05 March 2023, McDonald’s fans and registered users of the McDonald’s app will then have the chance to win one of 100,000 coupons each to try the McPlant Burger and McPlant Nuggets for free.