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‘Menu with A Cause’ promotes Dry July beverage opportunities

With Dry July starting immediately after the celebratory Matariki weekend, encouraging patrons to dine out provides new winter challenges for the hospitality sector. And for many restaurateurs, the thought of promoting Dry July is a daunting one.

Restaurants may, however, retain profits by offering innovative non-alcoholic beverages; promoting mocktail specials, and creating themed events centred around alcohol-free experiences.

Highlighting hearty and healthy menu options and partnering with local non-alcoholic beverage brands can also attract customers and maintain revenue despite the absence of alcohol sales.

Maintain revenue during Dry July

With the ability to make up to 90 percent of the world’s favourite cocktails, Lyre’s, Non-Alcoholic brand, has partnered with the Dry July NZ Trust for the third consecutive year.

Throughout the month of July, some of New Zealand’s best venues will be shaking things up to ensure that Dry July participants are not missing out and hospitality businesses continue to profit from beverage sales.

By working with key groups and venues across the country such as Sky City, Star Group, Hilton, QT Wellington’s Hippopotamus, Ahi, Origine, and Holey Moley, to offer sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails and ready-to-drink options, Lyre’s says it ensures that going dry doesn’t mean going without.

Partner venues will also participate in Lyre’s ‘Menu with a Cause,’ which will see dollar donations from each Lyre’s cocktail sold in partner venues throughout the month of July.

David Murphy, Lyre’s Head of Product Development, says: “Sober curious no longer means complete abstinence. Instead, a month like Dry July can give consumers an opportunity to become more mindful when it comes to alcohol consumption and consider drink alternatives in the future, like potentially mixing in a non-alcoholic beverage on a night out.

“Our liquid is crafted to mimic the taste of well-loved cocktails, so when someone orders a non-alcoholic margarita they are not missing out when it comes to the same sophisticated taste profile.

“With 31 percent of New Zealanders decreasing their alcohol consumption over the last five years, it’s not just the backbar that’s seeing a shift in alcoholic drink orders, as Lyre’s is equally encouraging non-alcoholic creativity at home. We want to give Kiwis the option of an easy and sophisticated offering, whether they’re reaching for a mid-week G&T without the booze or hosting a friend who doesn’t drink.”

The Dry July campaign challenges people to give up alcohol for the month of July and raise funds for people affected by cancer. People can participate as individuals or may choose to create a team or participate as a workplace team. Participants are encouraged to seek sponsorship or purchase golden tickets, to have a day off going dry, for special occasions.

Dry July started in Australia in 2008, when three mates decided to abstain from alcohol for a month to raise money for a cause close to their hearts. Hoping to raise $3,000 to buy a TV for their local hospital’s waiting room, the initial campaign was a huge success and ended up raising over $250,000.

The Dry July campaign launched in New Zealand in 2012, run by the Dry July NZ Trust, and has since had over 61,000 people take part, and raised over $9 million to support cancer patients, their families and carers.

Fundraising recipients

Look Good Feel Better provides a range of free wellbeing sessions, for anyone with any cancer at any stage. It is a time away from diagnosis, treatment and recovery, to help people navigate cancer with confidence. Look Good Feel Better is a beneficiary of Dry July NZ, and with the support of those who donate to Dry July, is able to ensure a free programme of online sessions that help people with cancer throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Look Good Feel Better is free to anyone from diagnosis to thrival.

PINC & STEEL have been leaders in cancer rehabilitation in New Zealand since 2005 and aided over 4,500 cancer patients in the past year alone. With certified oncology physiotherapists, PINC & STEEL provide tailored physical, emotional, and social support to maximise recovery and enhance future wellbeing. The individualised and group programmes, which span from Kaitaia to Invercargill, include Next Steps, Targeted, and PaddleOn. Dry July funding supports these group classes.

Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand This foundation represents anyone impacted by prostate cancer, advocating on their behalf for improved standards of care, funding NZ-based research, and providing a diverse portfolio of free in-person and remote support services to helping them not just survive, but thrive, at any stage of their journey.