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Nespresso brings coffee lovers a taste of Brazil

rsz_nespresso_cafezinho_do_brasil_capsuleIn Brazil, coffee is deeply ingrained within everyday life. A ‘cafezinho’ or ‘small coffee’ in Brazilian Portuguese is a proudly treasured beverage and means so much more than just coffee. It embodies ‘connections’. Be it a reunion with old friends, new business deal or time spent with loved ones; a cafezinho is a cherished moment.

Now you too can transport your taste buds to the heart of Brazil and enjoy a taste of the rich, colourful and vibrant culture that’s inspired Nespresso’s unique and powerful new Limited Edition Pure Origin Grand Cru – Cafezinho do Brasil.

Taking inspiration from the nation’s deep coffee culture and building on local preferences, the coffee connoisseurs at Nespresso have developed an intense coffee (9 on Nespresso’s intensity scale of 1 – 12) that captures the essence of cafezinho in an espresso. In an attempt to delve deeper into their everyday lives, Nespresso consulted with locals to deliver the ultimate ‘cafezinho’ that each and every Brazilian strives for.

Guillaume Chesneau, Country Manager, Nespresso New Zealand commented, “New Zealand has a dedicated coffee culture of its own and it comes as no surprise that we’ve become connoisseurs of our favoured black beverage. “At Nespresso, we believe Cafezinho do Brasil captures the essence of Brazil in a cup and hope it will encourage Kiwis to make a little time for those (cafezinho) moments which matter,” Chesneau says.

“And because we love our milky coffees, we recommend serving Cafezinho do Brasil as a delicious cappuccino, delivering a sweet sensation of salty, bitter and toasted notes. Alternatively it can be enjoyed as an Americano – a long and mild coffee that uses 125ml of hot water topped with a 25ml ristretto extraction – giving the serve a smooth, sweet and more rounded taste.”

Cafezinho do Brasil is a Pure Origin coffee that uses carefully-selected Arabica beans from Southern Brazil. Nespresso worked closely with local farmers to hand pick coffee beans which suit Brazil’s preference for bitterness, roasted notes and a distinct aroma.

Agronomists from Nespresso worked alongside the farmers, discussing their current practices and demonstrating a specific Arabica harvesting technique to strip only the ripest beans without letting them come in to contact with any earth, therefore retaining the particular flavour needed for Cafezinho do Brasil.

Not restricted to the Pure Origin range, the inclusion of locals is an imperative for Nespresso. Coffee experts work hand-in-hand with more than 74,000 farmers to source exceptional coffee from all over the globe to deliver a remarkable variety of taste preferences in its Grands Crus and Limited Edition coffees.