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Nespresso Launches Professional Division in NZ

LIONEL DERIAZ , ALL USES , ALL USES , WORLDWIDE , ALLWorld-renowned chef and Nespresso Culinary Ambassador, Tetsuya Wakuda is in New Zealand to launch the Nespresso Professional Division. Nespresso is served in over 700 Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide, and their range of professional machines is now available to New Zealand businesses, hotels and restaurants.

Guillaume Chesneau, Country Manager New Zealand, explains a passion for perfection motivates Nespresso to continuously innovate and deliver the highest quality coffee to consumers worldwide.

“We are excited to launch this next evolution of the Nespresso coffee experience to New Zealand,” says Chesneau. “The range of business solution machines on offer caters to the differing needs of our various business-to-business customers and we are already receiving a positive response and demand.”

Worldwide, Nespresso works with offices, the world’s leading hospitality businesses and airlines and is enjoyed by millions of Club Members at home. Chesneau says increasingly consumers expect the same high quality coffee both at work and when dining out.

“The singular focus of Nespresso is to deliver the ultimate coffee experience, cup after cup, along with premium service. Nespresso provides a coffee solution for some of the world’s most discerning hosts in the world’s foremost hotels and restaurants.”

World-renowned chef and Nespresso Culinary Ambassador, Tetsuya Wakuda, is in New Zealand to launch the Professional Division.

“I’m very happy to be in New Zealand to share my experience with Nespresso. Our partnership is a natural one as both Tetsuya’s (his Sydney-based restaurant) and Nespresso focus on quality and consistency, sustainable farming and delivering the highest quality service. This is why we’ve been pouring Nespresso at Tetsuya’s since 2013.”

The three Nespresso machines launched last week: Gemini, Zenius and Aguila are specifically designed for intensive, high volume usage and are adaptable to all space and venue configurations for quick and simple preparation of the highest quality coffees.

Nespresso has a team of coffee experts who travel the globe seeking out the world’s best coffees from the best coffee-producing regions. Quality is so important that only 1-2 per cent of coffee worldwide meets the specific quality, taste and aroma profiles Nespresso demands.

Nespresso offers its business-to-business customers nine varieties of exceptional Grands Crus, ranging from mild and aromatic to full-bodied and intense. “The New Zealand coffee palate is amongst the world’s most refined and three out of four drink coffee with milk. With Nespresso, questions about consistency and the quality of coffee served by your front of house team or office staff are no longer needed,” concludes Chesneau.