New Stir 100 % not milk powders is here to break with tradition the Kiwi love affair with traditional milk, say the producers, offering an alternative to dairy that is 100 percent plant based.

New Zealand owned and operated, the team behind this brand  has stated it plans to challenge Kiwi cows and offer up delicious dairy free not milk from coconuts, almond nuts, oat crops and soy beans.

This  range offers four popular plant based, dairy free and gluten free choices – Oat, Soy, Coconut and Almond. The Oat and Soy are both non-GMO, while the Coconut and Almond are organic.

“We’re offering a product which is less harmful to the environment, creates much less waste and is rich in good fats and proteins for the environmentally aware and conscious Kiwi consumer,” Bruna Rodrigues, Marketing Manager and one of the creators of Stir says.

Stir is designed for the savvy shopper looking for something that’s 100% not milk to fuel their loved ones and little ones. The new Stir powders are entirely natural with no preservatives or flavouring of other weird, unidentifiable ingredients! All four varieties are packaged in convenient and environmentally friendly pouches allowing Kiwis to make healthy and creamy not milks for any occasion.

Stir caters for those who are lactose intolerant, vegan or anyone who simply prefers the taste of plant based milk. They’re delicious, convenient and far kinder to the planet.

“We are incredibly proud of the fact that we are far more environmentally friendly than dairy and tetra pak plant-based milks that need to be used in a few days after opening.

All four Stir flavours come in 100g packs are available in the long-life milk section at leading supermarkets, Farro Fresh and Huckleberry stores nationwide .

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