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New! The Green Butcher – Easy & Delicious Plant-Powered Meal Solutions

Say Hello to The Green Butcher – Markwell Foods’ latest and most innovative range yet. Leading the frozen foodservice market across various categories, Markwell Foods has identified the need for a quality and delicious plant-based range to support the evolving hospitality industry.

The Green Butcher is an 100% plant-powered alternative loved by vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike. The range is made from delicious and nutritious plant-based ingredients, bursting with flavours and textures you would expect from meat-based proteins.

Although still niche, vegan and vegetarian customer rates are rapidly growing. Likewise, is the conscious reduction of meat by meat-eaters. This increase is placing pressure on already overwhelmed and understaffed kitchens for vegan menu options. For many, it seems to be costly, difficult, and time-consuming to have a vegan-friendly menu item, but the economic reap of not having one, can be even more harmful. The lack of vegan options can lead diners and their extended dining group to eat elsewhere, leading to a large loss of business.

The Green Butcher range is designed to help chefs create affordable, easy, & quick vegan-friendly meals by enabling a seamless substitute of meat-based favourites with their plant-based alternatives. Sub beef patties with their No Beef Burgers, or replace chicken in a wrap, with their No Chicken Schnitzel for a delicious and easy cabinet food option.

Using one plant-based protein in various ways provides options for your customers such as using The Green Butcher No Meat Balls in a pita, as a canape or in a pasta. The Green Butcher products are also a favourite amongst meat-eaters. The golden and crunch No Cheese & Spinach and No Cheese & Jalapeno Bites are menu must-haves.

If you would like to find out more about the range or to request a sample visit: