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NZ Bakels postpones 25th Pie Awards to 2023

NZ Bakels has announced that the 25th Bakels NZ Supreme Pie Awards has been deferred until next year; a difficult decision made out of respect for the baking sector.

The 25th Bakels NZ Supreme Pie Awards will now take place on 1 August, 2023.

NZ Bakels Managing Director Brent Kersel says: “While bakeries are working incredibly hard to get back on their feet after two years of Covid, there are many other factors impacting on their businesses, very much as it is in any business right now. And while we look forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary of the largest and longest running food competition in New Zealand, it is only prudent that we give our bakers some time to adjust to the changes that the pandemic and unrest in Europe have created.

“We know how important the Supreme Pie Awards are to bakers. It is a competition that has huge ripple effects as soon as we start talking about it. Consumers start thinking about pies, and buying them, and bakers start developing new recipes, promoting that they are entering and from there excitement grows.

“When the Supreme winner is announced the response is massive! And for NZ Bakels it is the highlight of the year with everyone supporting the bakers to give them a chance of winning. We are passionate about what we do and I’m proud of what we achieve, but we certainly couldn’t do it without our bakers; we’re a team, a family of pie fans.  And right now we all need a bit of a pause.”

Kersel encouraged consumers to keep supporting their local bakery. “We’re a nation that chooses baked goods above anything else when it comes to a convenience meal. And even though we’re all feeling the pinch of price increases across the board, a pie or other bakery item is still the best value for your dollar. Long may that continue!”