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Pickle debate prompts Burger Thursday celebration

One of the most divisive burger toppings, pickles, have long been the cause of dinnertime debate. 

Over 1200 Kiwis were polled on the contentious burger topping to answer the question once and for all – do pickles belong on a burger? The results are in, 93.6% agreed that pickles do in fact belong on a burger.

The result comes from The Great Pickle Debate poll from Beef + Lamb New Zealand, who polled Kiwis on their burger topping stance and who have just launched Burger Thursday – a day to celebrate the burger in all its mouth-watering, convenient, and customisable glory. 

Julia Gardner, Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Marketing Manager, says regardless of their personal pickle preferences, one thing is certain, Kiwi’s love their burgers.

“People are passionate about their burger toppings. Pickle on, or pickle off – the one thing all Kiwis can agree on is their love of a burger. They’re adaptable, easy, delicious, and convenient. Perfect for Summer barbecuing and entertaining with friends, or even to sneak in some extra veges for the kids. Whether you love or detest pickles, there’s a burger for everyone.”

Rebecca Caughey of Cook and Nelson, distributors of cult-favourite McClure’s Pickles which can be found on the burgers of foodies and eateries alike, isn’t surprised by the outcome.

“There is a reason why pickles and burgers are synonymous. The crunch and piquancy that a pickle brings to a burger allows you to experience the full flavour sensation. Whether on the patty, served on the side, or mixed to create a delicious pickle sauce, it’s a flavour combination that cannot be beaten.”

If you’re part of the 6.4% that don’t enjoy pickles in their burger, don’t worry. The beauty of making a burger at home means they’re completely customisable Julia Gardner says,

“The beauty of making a burger at home is that they can be adapted to suit. Experiment with different flavour combinations and fresh toppings, whether gourmet or classic, smashed or bunless I encourage everyone to cook a burger at home.”

Go ahead New Zealand, this Burger Thursday satisfy those cravings, grill your meat, melt the cheese, add the pickle. There really is a burger for everyone.