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Make Your Menus Profitable

Menus are one of the most powerful marketing tools a hospitality business has in its survival kit! They may heavily influence customer perceptions of a restaurant – how much they spend and, in many cases, where they chose to dine. Make it easy for customers to digest your menu by not overcrowding it, providing plenty of clear space and limiting each section to seven items. Know your market and avoid trying to be all things to all people!


For many years Stephen J Hunt struggled with a debilitating condition called ADHD, yet once diagnosed the condition helped him build a $100 million dollar hospitality business in just seven years!

Having ADHD meant Hunt needed to implement systems that would enable everyone to work efficiently and consistently without having to oversee everything and everyone. Read the tips on how he harnessed his energy to get things done and turn around what many would call a disability into an asset!

Culinary Gardens For Your Restaurant

Culinary gardens attached to restaurant kitchens are becoming popular in the same way as farm to table restaurants and hyperlocally grown food have influenced buying decisions. Knowing where your ingredients come from, less unwanted packaging and produce cost control are just three of the benefits growing your own herbs and vegetables canbring.

Turning The Tables On Gluten Free

Celebrated Auckland Chef, Kate Fay admits she was ‘one of the worst’ at feeding gluten free diners from her commercial kitchen.

“I was scared,” she says. “I used to wish they wouldn’t come to the restaurant.” Then in 2011, the tables were turned when the chef was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Now, rather than fearing diners with special dietary requirements she has embraced the challenge of catering to people like her. How?

Paperwork – A Checklist of What You Need To Keep

All businesses have duties to keep up to date records, registers and documents. Tony Steindle, A director of Steindle Williams Legal has compiled a list of records that you are obliged to keep and maintain and how long you need to keep them.

Essential Utensils

Many cooks have a spoon for basting, a spoon for scraping, one for saucing, another for flipping fish – and the list goes on! The must have kitchen spoon, however, is actually The Gestura. It was actually designed with a tablespoon measuring capacity to help with recipe continuity and to reduce the number of tools a professional chef would need on hand. What other essential utensils do you need?