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Smoked Sausage with Szechuan Sauce wins supreme vegan title

The Supreme Winner of the sixth annual Vegan Sausage and Deli Meats Awards is Vegan Smoked Sausage with Szechuan Sauce by Blissful, “Whole Perfect Food” brand believed to be made in Taiwan.

The judges said it was a fantastic special sausage.

“Great spice and good presentation. Engaging texture and moisture. Good in stir fried noodles and rice because of the Asian flavour background.

“We were so excited to bring in several new categories, which recognise the quality and care that goes into producing great plant-based alternatives for meat products.

“With the rising cost of living, eating plants will always be a good thing, providing healthier foods with lower emissions, helping to look after our planet” said media spokesperson, Claire Insley.

Jasbir Kaur, multi-award-winning Executive Chef and Trainer, worked with globetrotting Executive Chef, Volker Maracek, and fine dining expert,Head Chef, Zach Duxfield to put the plant-based meats to the test. Joining them were Food and Beverage industry expert judge Aaron Pucci and sausage loving comedian Tom Sainsbury, putting their taste buds through the paces to come up with the final results.

The full results are:

 Supreme- Vegan Smoked Sausage with Szechuan Sauce (Blissful, “Whole Perfect Food” brand)

 Runner Up to Supreme- Southern Fried Chick*n (Plan*t)

 Special Recognition- Vegan Prawn (Blissful- “Forever Health Food”)

Hot Served Meat

Winner BBQ Steak (The Vegetarian Butcher)

Judges said: Nice marinade, texture. Moist and cooks well

Runner up Chickenless Shredded Plant Based Meat (The Vegan Shop)

Judges said: Versatile product. Could go with so much, be a great base. Could consider entering innovative category.

Hotdogs and Sausage Rolls

Winner Plant Based Hot Dogs (Vegie Delights)

Judges said: Authentic hotdogs with perfect texture. Balanced taste and flavour notes- true to a hotdog.

Runner up Kai Pai Sausage Rolls

Judges said: Flavour notes are really nice. Morish with lovely flaky pastry. A great savoury snack.

Speciality Sausage

Winner Vegan Smoked Sausage with Szechuan Sauce (Blissful, “Whole Perfect Food” brand)

Judges said: A fantastic special sausage. Great spice and good presentation. Engaging texture and moisture. Good in stir fried noodles and rice because of Asian flavour background.

 Runner up Tasty Sage & Onion (Plan*t)

Judges said: Nice texture, browns well. A good breakfast sausage

Breakfast Sausage

Winner Tasty Sage & Onion (Plan*t)

Judges said: Morish savoury and balanced flavours. Perfect at breakfast. Great texture and presentation.

Runner Up Vegan Black Pudding (Logan Maclean Café)

Judges said: Authentic flavour and texture and ingredients Eg barley inside. A good substitute for Black pudding.

 Cold Cuts

Winner Pepperoni Slice (Grater Goods)

Judges said: True to category. Aromatic and spicy with a pleasurable texture.

Runner up

Pastrami Style – Hot (Witty Tui)

Judges said: Nice spices and flavour profile, true to category. Perfect served thinly sliced.


Winner Southern Fried Chick*n (Plan*t)

Judges said: Cooked very well with great crispiness. Good flavour profile and melt in your mouth texture.

Runner Up Carrot Lox (Grater Goods)

Judges said: Very innovative and creative!


Winner Veg. Bacon Long Sliced (Blissful, “Whole Perfect Food” brand)

Judges said: Brilliant range of textures and smoky flavours. Looks great and would be perfect in a BLT

Runner Up Streaky Smoked Bacon (Wise Boys)

Judges said: Nice and crispy and very savoury. Good flavour. If you like crunchy bacon this is for you- great for burgers or for snacking

Burger Patties

Winner Veg Pork Steak with Black Pepper (Blissful, “Whole Perfect Food” brand)

Judges said: Great texture and really delicious flavour. Moisture content spot on.

 Runner up Spicy Chipotle Burger Patties (Wise Boys)

Judges said: Great moisture and very, very flavoursome.


Winner Pastrami (The Vegetarian Butcher)

Judges said: Nice savoury taste, good consistency. A well-flavoured balanced crust. Fantastic appearance. lovely tender and savoury. Perfect in a rye sandwich.

Runner up Pastrami (Grater Goods)

Judges said: Nice shape and appearance and good flavour.


Spicy Italian (The Vegetarian Butcher)

Judges said: Texture perfectly chewy, moist and flavourful. Nicely balanced with good flavour.

Runner up Not Bratwurst (Let them eat Vegan)

Judges said: Good flavour and great appearance. Nice crunch, skin nice and crispy. Aromatic aftertaste.



Vegan Prawn (Blissful- “Forever Health Food” brand)

Judges said: Amazing appearance. Cooks well with great flavour. Perfect for vegan sushi or stir fry.

No Runner up


Winner Chorizo (The Vegetarian Butcher)

Judges said: Good spice level, great colour and texture. Nice and chewy

Runner up Not Chorizo (Let them eat Vegan)

Judges said: Great chewiness and spiciness – the spiciest!