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New strategy charts bright future for hospitality in New Zealand

Hospitality New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned for manaakitanga (hospitality), with our country’s hospitality sector at
the forefront of creating memorable experiences and offering a warm welcome to locals and
manuhiri (visitors).

In order to enable the local hospitality industry to do what it does best, Hospitality New Zealand
has unveiled a new five-year strategy, outlining how it will help the hospitality sector to thrive.
Hospitality businesses are an economic engine and a focal point of the community in every New
Zealand town. There are more than 24,000 of these businesses across the motu, employing
more than 176,000 people.

Steve Armitage Hospitality New Zealand Chief Executive
Steve Armitage, Hospitality New Zealand Chief Executive.

Steve Armitage, Hospitality NZ’s Chief Executive Officer, says the new strategy is designed to
meet the needs of operators working in a sector that is New Zealand’s seventh largest
employer, and experiencing the fastest growth rate across all sectors.

“Hospitality is the glue that binds communities together. The restaurants, cafes, bars, motels
and hotels spread across the motu serve as places where people gather to connect, unwind,
stay and socialise,” says Steve Armitage.

“As we move beyond the impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the current fiscal
recession, we need to sharpen our focus on two fronts: supporting businesses through the here
and now, but being deliberate about building towards a future where the sector is more
sustainable and better equipped to weather any further headwinds.”

New Strategy:
Hospitality NZ’s strategy outlines how the organisation will deliver on its promise to be the
hospitality sector’s champion, introducing ideas and initiatives that are designed to generate
long-term success for the sector. These include:

  • Building a future-fit pipeline of talent
  • Improving the environmental performance of the wider hospitality sector
  • Addressing and championing mental health and wellbeing within the sector
  • Advocating for major and business events that help stimulate the wider hospitality
  • Expanding connections with New Zealand’s ethnic communities to ensure that our
    membership is as diverse as our business operators and patrons.
    Steve Armitage says Hospitality NZ will also continue to focus on “providing the support our
    members, local business communities and the wider sector need to be successful today” by:
  • Advocating on the issues that are most important to them to help create a positive
    business environment for hospitality.
  • Providing members with up-to-date and relevant services, including employment
    resources and in-house legal expertise.
  • Giving members access to world-class training and targeted resources which help
    business owners train and upskill their people, and supports their individual professional
  • Celebrating sector excellence and providing members local and national connections,
    benefits, discounts and support.

Steve Armitage says: “We all know that the business landscape has undergone significant
changes in recent years. Membership organisations like Hospitality NZ need to evolve to stay
relevant and create a sense of belonging.”

“Through implementing this strategy, we will provide improved tools, resources, partnerships,
and knowledge, and deliver the support businesses and people in the hospitality sector need to
succeed and add value to their businesses and careers.”

“Ultimately, we aspire for hospitality to be recognised and celebrated for its contribution to
Aotearoa, attracting fresh talent and generating sustainable returns for businesses and

“Now is the time to renew our focus – to define a sector made up of good, sustainable, profitable
businesses, developing the next generation of owners and leaders, that serve and support their
communities, and create memorable experiences.”

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