Simple Sophistication Sets Scene

08 July, 2019 by
Hospitality Business

Just released – the updated Cobra cooking line presents a fresh and functional gallery of cooking products, offering performance without all the frills.

Originating from the same stable as Blue Seal and Waldorf, all Cobra models are manufactured at Moffat’s Rolleston manufacturing facility, near Christchurch.

Rationally refined and subtly stylish, Cobra products offer an entry-level to mid-range cooking suite which is functional and loyally reliable – as well as loaded with commercial power and capability.

“We are very excited about the new-look Cobra” says Moffat GM of Sales / Group Export Manager, Stuart Murray.


‘’The new expanded series offers our customers pilot and flame failure options and improved aesthetics for upfront or back-of-house use.”

“Affordability does not mean compromise with Cobra – and the series is positioned well to meet demand for mid-level products in the New Zealand as well as international markets”.

Western cooking appliances, including a range, cooktops, griddles, chargrills, a griddle toaster and salamander, are complemented by a stock pot burner, one, two and three-hole woks and noodle and pasta cookers suited for Asian fusion applications. Power and performance are delivered in a known and proven format, refined in styling, features and finish. New modular in-fill tables in 300, 450, 600, and 900 widths complement the modular cooking line perfectly.

“We recognise not every customer needs the full heavy-duty durability and feature richness of Blue Seal or Waldorf – and Cobra is perfectly positioned to occupy that space, with the reassurance that comes with dealing with the Moffat Group.”

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