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Do you smoke? Stop this Stoptober


Do you smoke? Then you’re probably damaging your palate.
And if you work in hospitality, your palate is one of the most precious things you can have. Protect it – give up smoking now.

Sign up to stop smoking this Stoptober and begin a Smokefree life.

Join thousands of New Zealanders who are going to give it a go – for their health, for their families and for their financial future.

Visit to register and you will get all the support you need, from stop smoking support, including face-to-face, online and phone, to motivational texts and emails, a free Stoptober app which has stress-release support in Te Reo Maori and English and nicotine replacement products.

Clinical evidence shows that smokers who manage to stop smoking for a month are five times more likely to quit, and smokers who use support to stop smoking are much more likely to stay Smokefree.
Do it now… do it together.