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Top 10 hotel tech booking channels listed

Auckland-based hotel technology giant STAAH has unveiled its Top Booking Channel results for 2023.

The comprehensive data, extracted from the STAAH Platform, highlights a dynamic shift in the booking preferences of Kiwi travellers, and the enthusiastic adoption by local accommodation providers of cutting-edge technology platforms to support their property distribution mix.

Global industry leaders, Expedia, and STAAH SwiftBook retained the top three positions, reaffirming their dominance in the marketplace. San Francisco-based marketplace Airbnb remained a popular choice, rising two places from 2022 to 4th position. Also ascending in the rankings, Tourplan, a software system tailored for tour operators and destination management companies, has risen by five places this year to take fifth position.

Breaking new ground in 2023, STAAH achieved a dual feat with two of its platforms securing coveted positions on the list. STAAH’s SwiftBook secured its place as the third-highest booking revenue channel in the country, while the innovative STAAH GDS Global Distribution System made its position at 9th place.

Additionally, the emergence of new entrant WebBeds (7th place) underscores the enthusiasm among Kiwi hoteliers to explore diverse booking avenues.

“Accommodation providers are clearly embracing both new and traditional channels to attract guests,” says Kevin Tatem, Regional Head APAC – STAAH

“Kiwi hoteliers are hyper-focused on increasing their visibility both locally and globally, and one of the crucial keys to doing that is by achieving a balanced distribution strategy.”

Kevin says that being featured on well-established tech channels such as or Expedia offers a strategic advantage for accommodation providers, citing the significant marketing and exposure benefits those platforms can provide.

Additionally, Kevin highlights the importance of direct booking engines noting that such platforms empower providers to effectively convert web traffic into genuine bookings by offering more competitive rates, delivering more personalised experiences to customers, and capitalising on upselling opportunities.

“Modern tech platforms such as STAAH SwiftBook and STAAH GDS provide sophisticated booking and reservation management that Kiwi accommodation providers can use to streamline the booking process, better manage room availability, and operate more efficiently.”

“Our data indicates that accommodation providers are increasingly focused on tools that help them extend their marketing reach, increase room occupancy, and improve their profitability in the long term.” 

In 2024, Kevin foresees providers continuing to adopt online distribution technologies to better meet the market. He envisions a future industry focused on integration and strategic investment in distribution and booking technologies.

“I see the hospitality industry continuing to ride the wave of progress in 2024,” says Kevin.

“Accommodation providers will continue to delve deeper into new online distribution technologies, embrace automation and personalisation, and explore the potential of advanced data analysis.

“While choosing from hundreds of distribution channels can be daunting for providers, STAAH helps providers make informed decisions about the most impactful channel combination, whether global, regional, or niche, which is crucial for a modern distribution strategy,” says Kevin.