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Keep your spirits happy with new Phoenix Organic*Mixers


Phoenix Organics has long been committed to crafting delicious drinks from the finest organic ingredients and have put this experience into creating their new range of premium mixers.

Designed to enhance the finest spirits with the ideal balance of clean, authentic flavours and perfect carbonation – you’ll naturally taste the difference and your favourite drink will never be the same.

Phoenix Organics have searched far and wide for the best ingredients to create a range of perfectly balanced mixers. Sicilian lemons, Fijian ginger root, Otakiri artesian water and quinine derived from Chinchona bark are just some of the premium quality ingredients added to their mixers.

Phoenix Organics felt it was time to utilise their craft to expand their range. These mixers are the affordable, yet premium, choice for those that won’t compromise on taste or quality. These mixers break away from the ordinary, and will allow you to serve your spirits with a natural mixer that is designed to enhance your drinking experience. After all it’s a ‘treat’ occasion – so you may as well make it as good as it can be.

The Phoenix Organic* Mixer range includes five variations:

Phoenix Tonic Water

Crafted with natural quinine derived from Chinchona bark in central Africa and a twist of organic lemon, this tonic water has a crisp taste with a hint of aromatics and citrus. It’s designed to enhance the best gins and vodkas.

Phoenix Ginger Ale

An authentic fiery ginger taste delivered from Fijian Ginger root and a hint of citrus. The ideal accompaniment to any dark or golden spirit.

Phoenix Soda Water

Phoenix artesian water comes from a special place – the secluded, deep springs of Otakiri, New Zealand – a pure source delivering a cleansing taste – the perfect complement to pure spirits.

Phoenix Dry Lemonade

Created from organic Sicilian lemons to deliver the aroma and taste of freshly squeezed lemons. A refreshing, vibrant accompaniment to any spirit.

Phoenix Premium Cola

A smooth blend made with authentic Kola nut. The spice from cloves and ginger, and the citrus, is tempered perfectly with the softness of vanilla. Ideal with any dark spirits.

Phoenix Organic* Premium Mixers are available in leading supermarkets and bars.

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* Phoenix Soda Water is not certified Organic – Soda Water cannot be certified