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A Taste of The Hateful Eight 

rsz_the_hateful_eight_beerFor eight days, Quentin Tarantino devotees can immerse themselves in his eighth and latest film at a local Ponsonby pub in Auckland.

For that time, punters to The Golden Dawn Tavern will find themselves transported to a Wyoming log cabin in post-Civil War America – the predominant setting of Tarantino’s upcoming film The Hateful Eight. From the décor to the drinks it will be an opportunity for fans to get a taste of what’s to come. 

Throughout the eight days, The Golden Dawn will be serving ‘The Hateful Eight beer’ – a limited edition beer brewed exclusively for Quentin Tarantino by Hallertau Brewery and in celebration of the film’s release. A Tarantino fan himself, The Golden Dawn’s entertainment manager Matthew Crawley couldn’t pass up the opportunity when first approached by Roadshow Film Distributors.

“Many of our regulars are purveyors of his films,” says Crawley.  “We even have a Golden Dawn playlist dedicated to Tarantino movie soundtracks. We instinctively knew that this would be something our punters would appreciate.”

A collaborative project between Roadshow Film Distributors, Hallertau Brewery and The Golden Dawn, the idea was to bring the film to life for Tarantino fans and honour the iconic filmmaker’s first visit to New Zealand. 

Thrilled to be part of the joint project, brewer and owner of Hallertau Brewery Stephen Plowman specifically selected Hallertau Red Ale for ‘The Hateful Eight’ beer. “This blood red ale resonates perfectly with Tarantino’s new western,” says Plowman.  “Full, rich and bitter in character with a long malt finish, it is the ideal beer for a long night trapped in a snowy mountain cabin when the bounty hunters are closing in, and the beer in your hand could be your last.”  

‘The Hateful Eight beer’ will be available through The Golden Dawn Tavern for the duration of the film’s screening in cinemas.