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Brown sauces that are better than ever

Change is an essential characteristic of the culinary landscape. Since 1838, Knorr has adapted to meet the needs of the world’s chefs. And now, our rejuvenated brown sauces are set to support today’s progressive kitchens and the challenges they face.

One of the great attractions of a career in the kitchen is the fast-paced, adrenaline-filled atmosphere. In recent times, that’s been more than matched by a culinary landscape that is transforming at an unprecedented rate.

Increasing demands from diners are putting chefs under pressure to keep up without compromising taste and quality standards. At times, meeting those challenges may seem like an insurmountable task, especially for chefs who want to become ever more creative and explore new ideas.

Good news: we’ve improved our range

With the sharp increase of diners requesting gluten-free meals, kitchens need a simple, versatile brown base that helps them deliver high consistency and signature flavours to every diner.

The rejuvenated brown sauce range by Knorr Professional is set to make things a whole lot easier with the entire range now gluten-free.

By responding to changing diner needs, Knorr Professional brown sauces allow chefs to fearlessly explore new possibilities with the backing of a superior taste. Crafted by Chef for Chefs, these new sauces deliver delicious, progressive flavours to all your diners.

With 6 differentiated formulations over 12 pack sizes, including 3 new sizes to better cater to usage needs, there’s something for everyone.

The range is now fully Gluten Free, although we’ve kept the classic formulation that isn’t, to support chefs who are still transitioning toward this trend. 4 of these formulations are also now claiming Suitable for Vegetarians, greatly increasing their versatility to meet variety of dietary needs.

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