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Champion Butcher of Beer Bangers

rsz_westmere_butchery_pork_bratwurst_chilli_and_stuntman_ipaHallertau Brewery has awarded its annual champion sausage prize to Westmere Butchery for their Pork Bratwurst, Chilli and Stuntman IIPA recipe.

With almost 1000 sausages served over 10 days of the ‘Glorious Society of Bangers and Beer’ competition, the majority of diners voted the Westmere creation to be their favourite banger.

Each year the craft brewery challenges six Auckland sausage makers to create a new sausage with a different Hallertau beer. The six sausages were to be served on Hallertau’s menu for a week, and open to public vote for a favourite snarler.

“The sausage platters were so popular we extended the competition by a few extra days.   This year’s menu was the most fiercely contested yet with the highest standard of beer bangers we have tasted,” said Steve Plowman, Hallertau’s chief brewer.

Westmere Butchery wins a prize pack including a keg of beer – and their flavourful sausage will be available on the Hallertau menu for one year and available to buy from their Westmere Butchery.

Douglas Krabb, Westmere Butchery head sausage maker, says “The boys put their heads together to come up with the flavour ideas, then a lot of time and effort went into making this sausage.  The Stuntman IIPA is a great beer and we couldn’t have made it without the beer.

“We will be making it from now on and keep it going in the shop, now we know people like it!”

The city fringe butchery went head to head with incumbent winner Grey Lynn Butcher, Seaview Meats in Milford, L’Authentique of Newton, Neat Meat in Ponsonby Central and Kumeu Village Butchery.

Each butchery was challenged to create a new beef or pork sausage using one of the following randomly allocated hoppy ingredients: Hallertau Statesman Pale Ale, Copper Tart – Red Ale, Deception – Schwarzbier, Maximus IPA, Stuntman IIPA, Double Stout and Granny Smith Cider.

Westmere Butchery’s Pork Bratwurst, Chilli and Stuntman IIPA sausage will be served on Hallertau’s menu for 12 months. Hallertau is located at 1171 Coatesville Riverhead Highway, Riverhead, North West Auckland.