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Charlie’s Straight Up – and social – Cola

rsz_charlies_social_colaFor the first time in New Zealand, Charlie’s is using social media to ask Kiwis to decide if the first batch of their new Charlie’s Straight Up Cola is up to scratch. Fans will have only six weeks to share their honest opinions and of the feedback is positive, Charlie’s will whip up another batch.

On average more than 2.4 million New Zealanders use Facebook every month, so tapping into a social media audience of this size is key to Charlie’s strategy.

“We’ve always been on a bit of a mission to make it easier for people to drink better, whatever they choose to drink. That’s why we’ve had a crack at making our own Charlie’s Straight Up Cola. We’ve included real kola nuts and natural malt, but it’s what we’ve left out that makes the real difference – no chemical numbers or words can’t pronounce. And we’ve pulled back on the sugar as well. We reckon we’ve cracked it – it tastes bloody good! But that’s just our opinion so we’re asking Kiwis to be straight up and tell us what they reckon, says Craig Cotton, CEO The Better Drinks Co.

New Zealanders can head to @CharliesDrinks on Facebook and post their honest feedback or their own Charlie’s Straight Up Cola selfie with thumbs up (tastes pretty awesome), thumbs half way (dunno) or give it the thumbs down.