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DB strives to treat customers like Kings

In 2013 DB Breweries made 10 commitments to its hospitality customers. And today they fronted an industry audience on just how they’ve gone about delivering on these.

Andy Routley

Andy Routley

Speaking to operators at Hospitality New Zealand’s showcase in Rotorua, DB Managing Director Andy Routley firstly recapped the 10 commitments. They included supporting capital investment for bar establishments and pourage systems, being easy to deal with, providing on-premise only experiences and co-creating and working with customers to roll out winning concepts.

“We believe we have delivered on all 10 of our commitments, but there is always more that can be done,” he says.

Working with Heineken has enabled DB to offer its customers access to world class campaigns, cutting edge innovation and top international events, such as the upcoming Rugby World Cup in the UK, and the Heineken Open being held here next year.

Through its sustainability programme ‘Brewing a Better World’ DB has looked to add value to its customer’s businesses.

“This takes many forms,” Mr Routley says, “It may be developing new technology to reduce their power costs and protect the environment, or working together to address changes to the regulatory landscape such as the upcoming reduction in the drink driving limit and Local Alcohol Policies.”

In 2013, more than 50% of spending on beer and cider was spent in the hospitality channel, and DB remains committed to championing hospitality, he said.

“DB is thoroughly committed to hospitality innovation and excellence and we are all about working with our customers to better understand their needs and improve their profitability. Ultimately, it’s about striving to treat them like Kings.”