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Don’t be an egg…be a kiwi

image003True to his promise of delivering creativity in ice cream, Auckland artist Giapo Grazioli is bringing New Zealand an Easter kiwi in 2016. 

Don’t be an egg…be a kiwi is the imaginative chef’s  latest creation, a 140 mm-tall chocolate-and-ice cream-and-hot-cross-bun kiwi marking this year’s Easter celebrations.

The decadent new handmade bird comprises two milk chocolate eggs for head and body and a dark chocolate beak atop a chocolate dipped wafer cone. The larger egg in the body is covered with dark chocolate sculptured using a toothpick to represent feathers.

Inside the wafer cone is ‘Easter hot cross bun ice cream’ – layers of vanilla gelato combined with slivers of hot cross buns, currants and orange peel. The beak is made separately, drawn with dark chocolate on an acetate sheet and then glued with more chocolate once it’s set.

There’s more than a fair bit of work that goes in to each of Giapo’s kiwi creations. He took four weeks to perfect the design and made three prototypes in the process. It takes 20 minutes to produce each one and it will set you back $22.

Don’t be an egg…be a Kiwi is available from Giapo Haute Ice Cream’s Queen St store from 24 to 28 March. 

Don’t be an egg…be a kiwi, not only a sweet treat for Easter but also a new ice cream creation from the master of sweet innovation.

About Giapo Grazioli:

Giapo Grazioli is the head chef and patron at Giapo Haute Ice Cream and a leading authority on ice cream, his store being ranked the 10th best outside Italy in 2014. Giapo opened his store in 2009 and his staff are committed to changing the way people experience, see, feel and eat ice cream. Giapo Grazioli’s dream is to inspire the world to come and experience the beauty New Zealand has to offer through an ice-cream lens. Giapo Grazioli’s vision has made Giapo Haute Ice Cream one of the most popular hospitality businesses in the country currently serving several thousand people a week.

Giapo Haute Ice Cream is at 279 Queen Street Auckland next to the Civic Theatre. The store is open from 12.30pm until the ice cream is sold out at about 10.30 at night. 

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