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Duff Beer officially arrives in Australia

rsz_tumblr_n54xchfip91rpnhufo1_500For 25 seasons, Homer Simpson has been drinking his beloved Duff beer on screen.  Duff was a fictions beer created for the Simpsons as a parody of bland mainstream lagers.  Today, there is an official Duff beer available in three varieties, but only served near The Simpsons ride at Universal Studios in California.

However, around the world a number of brewers have produced their own unlicensed versions though most have been shut down by lawsuits from Twentieth Century Fox which makes the popular cartoon show.

Duff has made it to Australasia twice but neither effort lasted very long.  In the mid-1990s, Lion Nathan made their version of Duff but it was quickly stopped by a successful lawsuit from the owner of the trademark.  Cans of this defunct beer now fetch high prices from collectors.  A Perth bottle store tried to get round the legal issues by importing a German beer called “Legendary Duff Beer” with virtually identical branding.  However, they too were ordered to cease and desist.

Now Twentieth Century Fox has given its official blessing for a Duff Beer to be made in Australia.  It is being launched at a pop-up bar in Sydney before heading onto the shelves at BWS and Dan Murphys bottle stores.  It is not clear why Twentieth Century Fox has had a change of heart but soon many Australian drinkers will revel in the opportunity to emulate Homer Simpson by quaffing a few Duffs and emitting a contended “mmmmmmmmm… beer.”