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HiT30 training programme returns for third year

After a successful launch in 2021, the Restaurant Association HiT30 training programme is back for a third year.

Designed to encourage business owners to upskill themselves and their teams throughout the month of August, the programme features a range of 30 minute HiT sessions delivered over 30 days.

The HiT30 training chart gives business owners ideas on training challenges to complete to keep teams focused on learning.

Using the Restaurant Association professional development resources for inspiration the programme aims to keep staff learning new skills and ideas. 

Webinars, learning resources and guides are all available to members to help grow skills and knowledge and the professional development plan helps members track progress.

“The aim of the programme is to give owners and their teams time to think about career goals and what training is needed to get there,” says Marisa Bidois, CEO of the Restaurant Association.

“Whilst HiT30 is focused on 30 days of high intensity training, the aim is to spark a focus on year round training, to help business owners create their own skilled workforce and demonstrate to young people the endless possibilities and potential career growth in our industry.

“We continue to experience critical skills shortages in our industry and need to ensure we have a future workforce that is consistent and work ready.

“A key focus for the Restaurant Association is to encourage better partnership between industry, government and training organisations to support the development of fit-for-purpose, adequately funded education and training options, which produce ready-to-work, productive, career focused workers.

“To fulfil our long term staff requirements, we will need increased training for New Zealanders to meet the skills shortage needs, both in terms of availability and quality.

“But we also need to focus in on what we can do as a collective industry to identify and train tomorrow’s hospo superstars.

“Alongside clear ministerial direction on the matter we are also looking for businesses to invest in on the job training and our HiT30 programme is one way for us to support our members.

“HiT30 has been a huge success with business owners to date and we hope that the programme grows each year empowering and supporting teams to level up service and supercharge their careers.”

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