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Introducing Hospo Recruit

Hospo RecruitHospo Recruit, a new recruitment service launched at the recent Hospitality NZ conference, in Nelson, will be a major boost for hospitality businesses looking to employ suitable staff, in particular non-New Zealanders.

Currently, employing non-New Zealanders is a long and complicated process for businesses that are already time poor, Hospo Recruit’s Simon Oldham told the conference. “Employers need to satisfy requirements that they have tried to hire New Zealanders to the position, and that no suitable New Zealanders are available for the work on offer, before being able to hire non-New Zealanders.”

With this in mind, a stand out feature of the new Hospo Recruit service is the ‘Labour Market Test’ report (LMT report), this report provides information and evidence of an employer’s genuine attempts to find suitable New Zealanders for hospitality jobs. Oldham said the LMT report was the ‘golden nugget’ of the new service that could in fact be a game changer for the wider New Zealand tourism industry.

He said the development of the Hospo Recruit LTR report had involved several months of consultation with Immigration New Zealand, Mininstry for Social Development and MBIE.

Oldham is also general manager recruitment software and services company, QJumpers, which has developed the new Hospo Recruit service in conjunction with Hospitality New Zealand.

While the MTR is currently an exclusive feature for Hospo Service, I believe it will roll out across the wider industry, he says. “As soon as a few businesses start to use it others are going to notice. There’s no reason why we can’t expand it. I think it’s going to be a game changer for the New Zealand tourism industry, and beyond.”

Hospo Service is available exclusively to Hospitality New Zealand members and comes in three, priced accordingly packaged options, ranging from a basic Starter Package, to a Finder Package with added features to the most comprehensive Recruiter Package. Access to Hospitality New Zealand’s talent pool, currently including 3000 potential employees, is included.