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Who will be New Zealand’s Next Top Sausage?

rsz_sausage_judge_matt_grimes_at_semi_finalNew Zealand’s top sausage is just days away from being announced, following the Devro New Zealand Sausage Competition semi-final last week.

The 22 gold medallists from 11 categories will go on to the Grand Final in Auckland on October 21st, in the hope of taking out the 2015 Supreme Award.

Over 400 sausages were tasted and judged on visual appeal, aroma, flavour, texture, shrinkage and composition.

The categories include traditional beef, traditional pork, poultry, saveloy, pre-cooked, flavoured, traditional flavoured, rounds, continental fresh, continental ready-to-eat and gourmet.

Head technical judge, Matt Grimes, says the quality of the sausages improves every year. “Each year I am impressed by the amount of skill Kiwi butchers have, which is evident in their product,” he says.

President of the New Zealand Food Writers Guild and semi final judge, Kathy Paterson, says she is impressed with the amount of effort butchers have put into this year’s competition.

“Each sausage manufacturer leaves their own stamp on their product. There are some excellent flavour combinations which the butchers have put a lot of thought into,” she says.

This year marks the 22nd year of the iconic competition, acknowledging the skill of New Zealand butchers and small goods manufacturers, while pointing New Zealander’s in the right direction for the best sausages this summer.

The Grand Final will be held at Billfish Cafe in Auckland on October 21st.


Continental Fresh Category:
· Ellerslie Meats – Italian Fennel
· Elite Meats – Italian Pork

Continental Ready-To-Eat Category:
· The Aussie Butcher New Lynn – Bierstick
· Peter Timbs Meats – Kransky

Flavoured Category:
· Countdown – Countdown Pork Favoured
· Hellers – Beef Flavoured

Gourmet Category
· TR Pride – Beef and Blue Cheese
· Bishopdale New World – Pork, Cracked Pepper, Coriander and Basil

Pre-cooked/BBQ Category:
· Greytown Butchery – Beef Flavoured Pre Cooked
· Harris Meats – Beef Pre Cooked

Poultry Category:
· Westmere Butchery – Duck A’La’Orange
· New World Gore – Chicken, Cranberry and Camembert

Rounds Category:
· Greytown Butchery – Black Pudding
· Hellers – Black Pudding

Saveloy/Polony/Cocktail Category:
· The Kiwi Butcher Shop – Saveloy
· Cattermoles Butchery – Smoked Saveloy

Traditional Beef Category:
· Countdown – Countdown Angus Beef
· Angus Meats – Angus Reserve Beef Sausage

Traditional Flavoured Category:
· Meat King – Lamb and Mint
· New World Woolston – Pork, Fennel and Mint

Traditional Pork Category:
· Countdown – Countdown Alpine Pork
· Peter Timbs Meats – 100% Free Farmed Pork


Continental Fresh Category:
· Magills Butchery – Pork Toulouse Breakfast
· Peter Timbs Meats – Merguez Bratwurst

Continental Ready-To-Eat Category:
· Magills Butchery – Cheese Kransky
· Hellers – Cheese Kransky

Flavoured Category:
· A.E Preston – Beef Flavoured
· Hellers – Pork Flavoured

Gourmet Category:
· Moos, Baas and Oinks – Curry Pork
· Hellers – Pork, Chilli and Apricot

Pre-cooked/BBQ Category:
· The Kiwi Butcher Shop – Pre Cooked Beef
· Netherby Meats – Beef Pre Cooked

Poultry Category:
· Aussie Butcher New Lynn – Sweet Chili Chicken
· Deep Creek Deli and Butchery – Chicken Chardonnay

Rounds Category:
· Eastbourne Village Meats – Black Pudding
· Peter Timbs Meats – Black Pudding

Saveloy/Polony/Cocktail Category:
· Magills Butchery – Saveloy
· Harris Meats – Smoked Saveloy

Traditional Beef Category:
· Countdown – Countdown Traditional Beef
· Eastside Butchery – Traditional Beef

Traditional Flavoured Category:
· Magills Butchery – Venison and Cheese
· Harris Meats – Beef, Herb and Garlic

Traditional Pork Category:
· New World Rototuna – Pure Pork
· Hellers – Free Farmed Country Pork


Continental Fresh Category:
· Mangawhai Meat Shop – Pork Spicy Italian
· Pams Fresh Express – Pams Italian Lamb

Continental Ready-To-Eat Category:
· Island Bay Butchery – Russian
· Peter Timbs Meats – Chorizo

Flavoured Category:
· Greytown Butchery – Beef Flavoured
· Leckies Butchery – Melbourne Sausage

Gourmet Category:
· Island Bay Butchery – Dijon Pork and Veal
· Peter Timbs Meats – Pork and Black Pudding

Pre-cooked/BBQ Category:
· Magills Butchery – Pre Cooked
· Angus Meats – Pre Cooked Beef and Cheese

Poultry Category:
· Ellerslie Meats – Wild Apricot and Taragon Chicken
· Peter Timbs Meats – Mushroom and Leek Chicken

Rounds Category:
· Park Avenue Continental Meats – Black Pudding Old English Recipe
· Peter Timbs Meats – White Pudding

Saveloy/Polony/Cocktail Category:
· Eastbourne Village Meats – Cheerio
· Netherby Meats – Saveloy

Traditional Beef Category:
· Moos, Baas and Oinks – Pure Beef
· Cattermoles Butchery – Pure Beef

Traditional Flavoured Category:
· Westmere Butchery – Pork and Leek
· Deep Creek Deli and Butchery – Pork and Fennel

Traditional Pork Category:
· The Aussie Butcher New Lynn – True Pork MSG, Dairy and Gluten Free
· Harris Meats – Gourmet Pork Sausage