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Jelly Tip July sparks imagination of top Auckland food talents

rsz_food_truck_garage_jelly_tip_july_sundae_&_saladThe iconic Kiwi favourite has been getting a makeover this Jelly Tip July, with well-known Auckland eateries Depot, Giapo Haute Ice Cream and The Food Truck Garage all developing their very own Jelly Tip creations for customers.

The classic Jelly Tip is a combination of creamy Tip Top vanilla ice cream, delicious raspberry flavoured jelly and chocolate. This month, each chef is incorporating these classic flavours or textures into their own desserts of art.

Al Brown at Depot’s reinvention of Jelly Tip includes the traditional elements of jelly, ice cream and chocolate, but adds a new twist with passionfruit jelly and hokey pokey ice cream. The jelly sits atop the homemade ice cream and both are encased in a dark chocolate shell. “I don’t think you can actually improve on the original, but this is having some fun with the concept,” he says. This Jelly Tip inspired dessert is available at Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar throughout July.

Giapo Haute Ice Cream has created a Jelly Tip in the spirit of adult fun.  The ice cream has been created using the plumpest of vanilla pods sourced in Tonga by Heilala.  The tip at the top is a skin of a delicious jelly made with raspberry and paired with the award winning Saint Claire, Pioneer Block 3, Sauvignon Blanc. The waffle cone is dipped in delicate cru dark chocolate from São Tomé and hand decorated.   The creation, reminiscent of a raspberry sitting on a cone, was made by using a 3D printer to create the silicone moulds for the jelly tip.

Giapo’s Jelly Tip ice cream is a labour of love, retailing at $20 each and available only to people aged 18 and older at Giapo Haute Ice Cream, 279 Queen Street, until the end of this month. 

The Food Truck Garage is all about creating healthy versions of New Zealand’s favourite guilty treats. New Head Chef Bryan McGruyer has created the Jelly Tip Salad, which includes beetroot, vanilla goat’s whip, raspberry vincotto and dark chocolate. Concerned that some people might be too afraid to try the savoury version, they are also offering a probiotic vanilla frozen yoghurt sundae topped with a delicious and nutritious chia seed jelly.  Two versions of the jelly tip – both a little bit naughty, both loaded with a healthy punch, put them side-by-side and it’s hard to tell which is which! Jelly Tip Salad $8 and Jelly Tip Sundae $6.50 will be available until the end of July at The Food Truck Garage.

“We are thrilled these amazing chefs have joined us in celebrating Jelly Tip July. Their creations are a fitting tribute to our Kiwi classic, and it is great to see fans across New Zealand whipping up their own Jelly Tip treats” says Minna Reinikkala, Tip Top Group Marketing Manager.

Kiwis have been going crazy for Jelly Tip July with the Limited Edition Whittaker’s Jelly Tip chocolate selling out in the first week of its release.