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Macca’s mega recruitment day returns

McDonald’s restaurants across New Zealand will be opening their doors for Macca’s Careers Day on Friday October 27.

Last year’s National Hiring Day proved to be popular with over 3,500 job hunters choosing to drop in to their local Macca’s looking for employment.

This year McDonald’s says it is emphasising the advantages of both part and full-time employment as a restaurant crew member; the opportunity to become a future restaurant manager, being part of the corporate team or becoming a franchisee. McDonald’s says it offers great benefits for part time employment including the ability to work flexible shifts, such as overnight or during school hours, with the added opportunity to learn a wide range of skills.

Macca’s is known for its training pathways, accredited qualifications, and the potential for future managerial positions. Over the past five years, more than 10,000 people have benefited from McDonald’s comprehensive training programs with the company being recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading organisations, when it comes to management training and scholarship opportunities.

Kylie Freeland, Managing Director of New Zealand and Pacific Islands, is a strong advocate for the value of career training and development at McDonald’s. Her 27-year career at the company is a testament to the company’s support for team members’ personal and professional growth. Freeland started her journey in Brisbane, where she began as a cook in the kitchen. However, her engaging personality and ability to connect with customers quickly led her to excel at hosting birthday parties for kids.

Her hard work paid off when she was offered the opportunity to become a Restaurant Manager, marking the beginning of her upward trajectory within the company. From overseeing operations for all McDonald’s stores in Queensland to managing the supply chain network across Australia and New Zealand, Freeland’s career continued to flourish. In 2022, she assumed the role of managing director in New Zealand.

Freeland acknowledges McDonald’s invaluable support system throughout her professional journey.

“McDonald’s has always supported professional growth, encouraging promotion and support in the early days of my career to sponsoring my master’s degree in business and providing countless opportunities to expand my knowledge and expertise”, says Kylie.

Look across Aotearoa at McDonald’s in house teams – Restaurant Manager, Operations Manager, and Franchise Owners –  and there’s clear evidence of McDonald’s commitment to fostering talent, promoting growth and nurturing employees.

“So many of our people have started their careers with McDonald’s on the restaurant floor and moved on to become Restaurant Managers, Franchisees, and Senior Leaders at our National Head Office. I’d encourage anyone who is looking for work – full time or part-time to visit your local McDonald’s this Careers Day and have a chat with one of our many dedicated teams.”

Macca’s Careers Day Friday 27th October, 12.00pm-5.00pm, at McDonald’s restaurants across New Zealand.