At Meadow Fresh we love coffee and we know New Zealanders love a good cup of coffee too! In fact our Meadow Fresh milk is used to make over 80 million coffees a year so it’s natural for us to want to support New Zealand’s coffee industry!

What is really exciting for NZ coffee makers and drinkers is that our new Meadow Fresh No Added Permeate milk is now less processed with more goodness, making steaming a dream and delivering a seriously good cup of coffee every time.

Unlike some brands that add permeate to standardise protein at lower levels, Meadow Fresh milk has naturally higher protein levels reflecting seasonal conditions on the farm. In fact, Meadow Fresh milk has 25% more protein than the minimum standard based on an annual average. Coffee Industry experts have told us that Meadow Fresh with no added permeate performed really well in areas that matter to them, mentioning that milk stretched well, it had a dense micro foam, was glossy and most importantly it poured and held its shape and structure well.

Sam Low.

Sam Low a two time Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Champion, World Latte Art Finalist and the 2016 NZ Barista Champion and all round coffee legend is passionate about Meadow Fresh milk. ‘Meadow Fresh milk preforms exceptionally well creating great quality mircofoam and has a really creamy texture.  Elasticity of milk is one of those things that is really important because depending on how long the barista takes to make the coffee that will significantly impact the end result, both visually and taste.  Meadow Fresh milk allows baristas to work and play with the milk a lot longer to achieve that perfect coffee.

So try us out today! Email us at [email protected] to request a sample of our Meadow Fresh no added permeate milk. New business customers will be eligible for a free crate (Original 2L x 9) delivered to your door. Or maybe you just want to know more?  We would love to hear from you if you would like further information on Meadow Fresh, The Juggler or our Sponsorships.

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