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Take Two For The Team hospitality!

As New Zealand gears up for the great October 16 Vaxathon, the Restaurant Association is getting behind a campaign launched by popular Wellington restaurants to raise awareness around Covid-19 vaccination rates. 

The ‘Take two for the team’ vaccination campaign is the brainchild of Kāpura’s chief executive Jamie Williams​ who is offering staff an hour of paid time while they got their jab, and food vouchers, with each place getting $500 to spend on a team activity once they were 90 per cent vaccinated.

Williams said while the hospitality industry did expect restrictions for a period of time, such as limited indoor gathering numbers, he had started thinking about other ways the hospitality industry could help combat the impacts of Covid-19.

And what immediately came to mind was getting the vaccination rate up. Williams, together with the Restaurant Association is also working with DHB’s across the country to secure free branded t-shirts, caps and posters for hospitality businesses.

“The full reopening of our industry, is our number one focus right now,” said Restaurant Association CEO Marisa Bidois.

“We also want to ensure that Kiwis feel safe when they dine out, and what better way to do that than with a creative campaign aimed at increasing the update of vaccinations.

“Jamie and his team have pulled this together in the inimitable hospo style – fun, creative and just a bit tongue in cheek.

“We’re pretty confident that hospo businesses and diners alike will respond to the message – take two for the team of 130,000, which is the number of people working across our industry in Aotearoa.”

Posters, social media tiles and t-shirt designs are available to download from the Restaurant Association website