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Wanted: Passionate Project Manager for Merge Cafe.

Lifewise is seeking proposals for a Consultant Project Manager to help establish a sound business model for Merge café.

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Merge café is a unique café with a thriving social conscience created by Lifewise, an Auckland-based charitable trust. Located in Karangahape Road, Merge Café is a warm, welcoming environment where both the homeless and the housed can enjoy good food alongside each other.

Lifewise operations manager Ann-Marie Searchfield says there are no judgments and no soup kitchen queues at Merge,  just good food at a good price in a café environment. “With a goal to end homelessness in Auckland, every dollar generated by Merge Cafe goes towards housing homeless people.”

“Lifewise and Merge are dedicated to turning around the lives of Aucklanders in need; building relationships and creating a better tomorrow.”

The trust is seeking a Consultant Project Manager who has the same vision and passion, combined with experience in café management. The ideal candidate would responsible for creating a thriving, successful café that meets the business and social goals of the trust, and ideally, would continue to assist in an advisory role.

Lifewise has some budget to fund this work but is open to proposals around profit sharing, business partnerships, etc. The Passionate Project Manager could be an independent consultant, someone out of the trade with some energy to commit, or a business or collective who can see a potential partnership. The project will run for six months with a potential to renew at that stage.

“We are open to proposals that are outside the square – try us!” Searchfield says.

Please contact Moira Lawler or Ann-Marie Searchfield on 09 3025390, ;

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Expressions of interest by 28th June 2014