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Moa Apple Cider adds a little joie de vivre to the local market

rsz_1moa_apple_cider_12x330mlMoa Brewing Co. wanted to incorporate some of the finer French qualities that Kiwis could appreciate into the local cider market with the creation of Moa Apple Cider.

Brewed akin to a fine wine, Moa Brewing Co.’s founder Josh Scott utilised his skills as both a beer brewer and qualified winemaker to create a cider that places a premium French spin on the apple drink.

By using French Oak chips during the fermentation process, there are no short cuts taken in pursuing a superior taste. Fermenting the brew at a cool temperature with the oak preserves the fruit flavours and crispness on the palate while retaining an elegant oaky aroma that is uncommon with standard ciders.

Josh also maintains that the cider adheres to the ‘why French women don’t get fat’ mantra, by containing significantly less sugar compared to mass options at only 22g per litre.

He reckons Moa’s Apple Cider can be described as a typical crisp green apple aroma with a clean refreshing taste and medium sweetness. “We wanted to create a cider that was both premium and French inspired yet still satisfying to your everyday Kiwi tastebud. It’s a perfect balance between sweet and tartness I’ve been working on since I was 14 making cider in my parents’ garage,” he says.

Recently recognised as New Zealand’s first Certified Cicerone (the beer accreditation that separates those who know what they’re talking about from those who only think they do), beer Sommelier Josh recommends serving in a chilled pilsner glass, no ice needed to appreciate the perfect balance of the drink.

“The shape and height in the glass accentuates the clean characters of the cider and allows the bubbles to rise from the bottom to the top, highlighting its well-timed carbonation,” he finishes.

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