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Monteith’s beers look to make inroads in Britain

rsz_image_-_monteithsMonteith’s Brewing Company, a subsidiary of DB, has launched into the massive UK on-trade market with a range of four beers. National distribution is being handled by Heineken UK. The four beers to be showcased are Monteith’s Bohemian Pilsner Beer, Monteith’s Southern Pale Ale, Monteith’s Summer Ale and Monteith’s India Pale Ale.

Historically, the main New Zealand beers to make it to Britain in any real numbers were Steinlager, Tui and Speight’s Gold.

A Heineken UK spokesman said “the combination of great flavour, unique heritage and a natural affinity with food makes Monteith’s an exciting and appealing new option for UK restaurants and bars to offer to their customers.” It is certainly true that New Zealand beers enjoy a strong reputation in craft beers circles internationally and our unique hop varieties are in hot demand, both in beers and as raw ingredients for brewers.

Beer commentator Ben McFarland said “with a plethora of highly sought after hop varieties and a thriving craft brewing culture, New Zealand has emerged as one of the world’s most exciting brewing nations in recent years.”

Monteith’s have enjoyed strong sales in Australia in the last few years which may have encouraged them to target the large British market.  The help of a distributor such as Heineken UK will be invaluable.

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