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Muffin Break launches Lower Carb muffin

rsz_screen_shot_2015-10-06_at_90728_amDuring the past decade it has launched gluten free, dairy free, Weight Watchers® approved and low fat versions of its famed muffins. Now Muffin Break brings the Lower Carb muffin – made with a nutritious combination of fruit, nuts, seeds, yoghurt and almond meal.

The Lower Carb muffin is designed both for those who need to manage their sugar and carbohydrate intake for health reasons and those who seek a healthier lifestyle.

With two flavours – Macadamia, Mango & Passionfruit and Berry Nut & Seeds, both Lower Carb muffins contain 70 per cent less carbohydrate, 75 per cent less sugar and almost half as many kilojoules than a traditional Muffin Break muffin. Both muffins also have a low Glycaemic Index (GI). Eating mainly low GI foods every day is encouraged as it provides a slow, continuous supply of energy from one meal to another.

Muffin Break says there is clear demand for a Lower Carb version of its core product. “Over the years a range of societal and health changes and trends have influenced our business to diversify our product range and support people’s dietary needs,” says Gemma Fitzsimons, Muffin Break Marketing Manager.

“We’ve spent five years developing the Lower Carb muffin and we are thrilled to bring this new offer to our customers, particularly those who previously would not have been able to enjoy the simple pleasure of accompanying their favourite beverage with a muffin.

Sharon Natoli, Accredited Practising Dietitian from Food & Nutrition Australia, and a leading expert on dietary needs and nutrition, has been consulted during development of the product and she says it’s great to see healthier options more readily available for those in the community who want them. “This includes people managing particular health conditions as well as those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

“The new Lower Carb muffins are not only lower in sugar and kilojoules but other nutritional factors have also been taken in to account during their development.  This has resulted in the muffins also having a low GI, being low in sodium, a source of protein, high in fibre and containing a low proportion of saturated fat.” 

Muffin Break’s Lower Carb range contains 1.5 exchanges, useful information for those who have diabetes and need to ensure they have a regular amount of carbohydrate over the course of the day. 

The Lower Carb muffins also provide a source of protein which is important for muscle growth and bone health and they provide a good source of fibre, necessary for a healthy digestive system. 

The Lower Carb muffin is available at Muffin Break stores nationwide.