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My Food Bag partners with MasterChef New Zealand

my_food_bag_delivering_the_goodness_to_masterchef_new_zealand_on_tv3One of New Zealand’s winning MasterChefs is re-establishing her association with the popular TV cooking programme that went a long way to building her career. With the news that My Food Bag is becoming an official partner of TV3’s MasterChef New Zealand, the circle has been closed for the food brand’s dietitian and head chef Nadia Lim.

Lim was a MasterChef New Zealand winner in 2011 and has gone on to become a leading light in My Food Bag, a food book author, columnist and TV show host in Asia.

My Food Bag Group CEO Cecilia Robinson says the partnership with the TV3 programme is “a real coming of age for the company. This association with TV3’s MasterChef New Zealand is a natural fit for My Food Bag, which like the television programme, has a huge influence on what Kiwis are cooking and eating.

“We are determined to celebrate the partnership with our full commitment to the series – it’s a sponsorship space that is typically reserved for the big supermarket chains and an opportunity we very much prize,” Ms Robinson says.

Launched in March 2013, My Food bag initially served only the greater Auckland area but its rapid growth has seen the service expand nationally with 20,000 current subscribers in six New Zealand centres and Australia.

My Food Bag is supplying the food ingredients for all episodes of TV3’s MasterChef New Zealand.