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Nespresso adds a little Jack Black to its George Clooney

NespressoNespresso has cast a new leading man to star alongside brand ambassador George Clooney for the latest communication campaign. Playing himself, in the hotly anticipated 10th episode of the advertising saga, is Jack Black, bringing a new twist to the latest instalment. The new campaign will debut online last week at

The new Nespresso advert playfully explores the concept of ‘What Else?’, provoking viewers to consider the unparalleled unique qualities that Nespresso offers to make every coffee moment incomparable. ‘What Else?’ encapsulates all of the elements that combine to create the ultimate coffee experience – everything from the unique approach to sustainable coffee, the unparalleled coffee quality through to the unsurpassed deep coffee expertise, stylish boutiques, innovative services and much more.

On the terrace of a stunning Italian villa on Lake Como in Italy, George Clooney is pouring himself a cup of silky smooth Nespresso coffee. Just as the coffee is ready, a hand appears and takes the cup. It is none other than Jack Black who saunters over to an attractive female and promptly attempts to win her affections by trying to use George’s infamous ‘What Else?’ phrase. Oblivious, Jack gets the phrase wrong and George steps in to educate him. Later, Jack experiences a moment of epiphany, as he starts to understand the incomparable difference that Nespresso offers, as the meaning of ‘What Else?’ dawns on him.

Nespresso’s Chief Customer Officer, Alfonso Gonzalez explains: “We are delighted that Jack Black is featuring in our 10th communication campaign, which focuses on his discovery of the ‘Nespresso difference’, with the guidance of the ever smooth and elegant Clooney. Together Jack and George are a dynamic duo, adding even more fun and humour to this year’s campaign which we think will appeal to Club Members and coffee lovers alike.

“There are many things we do at Nespresso to create the ultimate coffee experience, and this year we wanted to prompt people to think about what makes Nespresso different and unique to them, which is perfectly summarised in ‘What Else’.”

The phrase ‘What Else’ featured in the first ever George Clooney commercial in 2006. Many Hollywood heavyweights have joined George Clooney over the years to continue the saga including John Malkovich, Matt Damon and most recently, Jean Dujardin.

George Clooney commented on set: “What can I say about Jack, it was a tall order but he did quite the job – after a bit of coaching of course. All joking aside, it was such a fun shoot and Jack was a pleasure to work with.”

The latest star, Jack Black, commented: “Well a lot of legends have sipped on this coffee… so it was clearly time for me to step up and give the infamous ‘What Else’ line a go. As George said, it was a story of me learning from the master!”

As part of this year’s campaign, Nespresso is inviting fans to share their #WhatElse moments via or Nespresso’s social channels to be in with a chance to be featured on the microsite.

The full reveal will initially launch exclusively in a digital advertising campaign from Nespresso on and then on TV from 29th November.  It will be the fifth Nespresso ‘What Else?’ campaign to have hit our screens. To view the Nespresso “Epiphany” advert please visit

“New Zealanders have really warmed to our George Clooney ‘What Else?’ campaigns since we launched here in 2011, enjoying the sense of fun and intrigue they bring to the brand. We think they’re going to love what Jack Black adds,” said Guillaume Chesneau, Country Manager at Nespresso New Zealand.