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New Byron Canvas Aprons feature Cross Back ties

New aprons provide garment blank canvas.

Chef Works has created a new apron that acts as a ‘blank canvas’ – Space for your Style!

Chef Works,  a leading  Hospitality uniform brand, has developed the Byron Canvas Apron Collection for New Zealand and Australian customers. “We have a wide product range with varying styles, fabrics, colours, features and technologies. We cater to every taste and trend. Witnessing the culinary industry pushing the boundaries with innovation and creativity, we wanted to use our expertise in garment design to provide the industry with a blank canvas, on which to express their own personality and character, “ says Shannon Brown, Product Developer, Chef Works Australia. Named after Australia’s Byron Bay, famous for its creativity and simplicity, the Byron Collection provides optimum space for personal branding, allowing people to get creative. Their simplicity and soft natural colours guarantee that the aprons will complement any environment or setting. Pair it with an eye-catching Gingham shirt for a bold look;  keep it sophisticated with a fitted shirt, go edgy by pairing it with a polo, or take it to the kitchen with a Chef Jacket.

Simplicity doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. Carrying the high standards maintained throughout Chef Works’ wide product range, the Byron’s Canvas Cotton fabric ensures strength and durability. The tight weave of the fabric holds the aprons shape through heavy usage and increases resistance against splashes and spills. The Cross Back feature of the Canvas Aprons provides a comfortable, lightweight feel by spreading the weight across the shoulders. Straps can be detached for easy washing.