New milk dairy brand, Ours Truly™, has launched its first product – A3™, full cream, organic certified milk – for door-to-door subscription delivery to many parts of the North Island. It is also available for hospitality providers.

“We are thrilled that Kiwis throughout the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland regions will be able to enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of Ours Truly™ milk. It’s totally free of any nasty chemicals and pesticides,” says Business Development Manager for Organic Dairy Hub, Hayley Denney.

“Ours Truly™ organic milk is now available in 1L bottles online for either weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscriptions – so residents within our regions can sign up to an Ours Truly™ subscription and enjoy fresh, organic milk delivered right to their door.”

Hospitality orders, with a wholesale price, can be placed by emailing [email protected]

Ours Truly™ is Organic Dairy Hub’s (ODH®) consumer brand. ODH is a 100% Farmer owned Co-operative which produces premium A3™ USDA/NOP organic certified cow’s milk products from the North Island. ODH® farmers consider themselves as generational caretakers of their land. Ours Truly™ cows are well-looked-after through sustainable and regenerative farming.

“These practices give our milk a natural and high-quality profile,” explains Denney.

“We are starting with milk, but we have other organic NZ made products in the pipeline – we want to bring kiwis their dairy staples without any hassle, straight to their door!”

Ours Truly milk bottles, lids and labels are totally recyclable. No adhesive, no stickers to remove – just easy and simple packaging so we all can look after our environment. “Ours Truly strives for recyclable packaging in every product we bring to you.”

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