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New World Beer and Cider Awards launched

New World has announced the debut of the New World Beer and Cider Awards.  In contrast to other contests, it will be a consumer-focused competition as availability is a key criterion for entry.  The organisers say:

rsz_the_shout_-_enesletter_-_august_2014_-_new_world“Our objective is to identify the best examples of each style of beer and cider for our customers.  At the same time the Awards will reward those top beverages by making them stand out on New World shelves nationwide and drive customer demand through intensive marketing activity.”

In terms of judges, New World announced:

Noted beer writer Neil Miller will chair our expert panel of 12 judges.  Our judges have a vast and impressive range of industry experience and include Kieran Haslett-Moore, Joseph Wood, Stephanie Coutts, Martin Bosley, Hadyn Green, Mike Neilson, Colin Mallon, Greig McGill, Kelly Ryan, Shaun Clousten, Jono Galuszka and Stephen Plowman.  In addition, the experienced Craig Bowen is the Brewer’s Guild Advisor ensuring this competition is run to the highest international industry standards.”

Neil Miller is the new Head of Content for The Shout.  When it comes to judging New World has confirmed:

“The judging process is blind and a panel of judges assess each beverage individually against the style guide criteria.  This process results in Gold, Silver and Bronze medals being awarded as appropriate.  The “Best in Class” will be awarded to the top-scoring entry in each class, distinguishing this as the best example of brewing to the category style.  In the event of a tie, the top scoring beverages will go through a separate ‘taste-off’.  The thirteen Best in Class winners will be guaranteed distribution to New World stores nationwide.”

This will be an exciting new competition which should see some worthy craft breweries launched through New World stores nationwide.

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