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NZ Natural sparkling in glass bottles

Beverage company Frucor Suntory has taken another significant step in its commitment to sustainable production with the introduction of 750ml glass bottles for its NZ Natural still and sparkling water.

NZ Natural 750ml glass will be in stores nationwide from early this month. The sustainable and 100 per cent recyclable packaging is the latest in Frucor Suntory’s commitment to plastic reduction, following the company’s promise to make 100 per cent of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.

Senior Brand Manager, Hydration at Frucor Suntory, Katherine Minchin says bottled water is the world’s most popular purchased beverage, and one that is continuing to grow on a global scale*.

“With sustainability and ‘New Zealand-made’ key shopper drivers in New Zealand**, the introduction of glass bottles for NZ Natural is one that fits well with the brand’s provenance.

“It’s exciting to have a stylish glass offering families can enjoy at the dinner table that is also better for the environment.”

NZ Natural still and sparkling artesian spring water is sourced from our pristine Southern Alps, and bottled at source in New Zealand-made glass. Every glass bottle is 100 per cent recyclable and contains up to 55 per cent post-consumer recycled glass.

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** Shopper Intelligence 2018