Alex Isik has a new venture: the opening of a food court within one restaurant.  Bodrum Market, a contemporary side by side eatery, offering multiple cuisines under one roof, just like the traditional food markets of the Med. With an interior inspired by Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar and the streets of Bodrum City, Bodrum Market brings the tastes of the world to the heart of Auckland.

The menu will highlight the gastronomic path restaurateurs Alex and Nigar have taken in their years in the hospitality industry, bringing together not only the signature dishes from their home country – Turkey – but focusing on their own global take and inspirations of good hearty food, using only fresh and seasonal produce and bold flavors inspired by the spices of the Mediterranean and beyond.

“We are really focusing on bringing the tastes of the world together under one roof, we want to see families eating together and we want to have enough offerings to delight each palate. We are inspired by the global dining experience blooming in Auckland and we want to showcase our take on it here on Newmarket’s rooftop” Alex Isik.

Adding to the mood & feel, Bodrum Market will feature open concept cooking spaces with an open Charcoal Grill and a Manuka-Wood Pizza Oven, to allow patrons to experience a real-life Chef’s Table episode.

“Our vision behind this menu, is to deliver flavors from around the world taking inspiration fromour travels and migrations to Aotearoa. I am thrilled to showcase the different cuisines andunique flavours of our teams homelands. I am excited to bring our own take of the “taste of theworld” to the table.” Executive Chef, Pratik Bhosle.

Bodrum Market really has it all, from boutique roasted coffee to a carefully curated wine list, exotic selection of expertly made seasonal cocktails and dedicated craft beers, it will be the place to be this summer, your new favourite spot to watch the world go by.

As part of the incredible rooftop dining precinct at Newmarket Westfield, Bodrum Market will open its doors to the public in the spring 2019.

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