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Palaeo Water spouts new business venture for McCashin’s

rsz_palaeoAn ancient ingredient credited with providing a marked point of differentiation for products manufactured at McCashin’s Brewery is the latest extension to the family range of drinks.

The Brewery is bottling Palaeo Water, which emanates from an on-site bore on their property located at 660 Main Road, Stoke, Nelson. The water source has been scientifically carbon-dated as being between 14,000 and 30,000 years old.

“We started to use our own Palaeo Water as an ingredient for all our products and there was a noticeable improvement in the overall finished product’’ according to Emma McCashin. “Water is the largest ingredient in beer and many famous breweries have become renowned because of their water and we believe Palaeo Water has given us an edge as it’s about as pure and untouched by humans as is possible, having been trapped underground since the last ice age.” Emma says.”

McCashin’s were going to begin with bottling the Palaeo Water when they first re-opened the brewery but focused on the alcoholic beverages instead when the Global Financial Crisis put the squeeze on the international market for bottled water. “With increased knowledge and awareness about how much sugar is contained in fizzy drinks and how bad sugar is, the water category in supermarkets is growing.  Now seems like the right time for us to revisit our original plans.” Says Emma.

The new product comes in an arctic blue glass bottle with a simple, see-through label featuring a map of New Zealand and the words, Palaeo glacial water.

McCashin’s believe this product has both domestic and international markest and excited to be releasing these products to the market. Palaeo Water is already being stocked by some Nelson supermarkets and sold online. It is released in 330mL and 500mL bottles, and will soon be available in 330ml cans.

McCashin’s produce their successful hand crafted Stoke Beer and Rochdale Cider brands at their Brewery, which is also home to a recently redeveloped café/bar and continues to operate regular brewery tours.