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Schweppes targets adults with sophisticated look and taste

schweppes_traditional_classic_group_330ml_spritzSchweppes has announced the launch of its new traditionals range, designed to appeal to adults looking for refined packaging, quality ingredients and authentic flavours for their mixers.

With more than 230 years in the soft drink market, Schweppes was the first ever soda brand in the world. The new Schweppes range has been supremely crafted and celebrates the brand’s heritage as a trusted and established brand with the proudly displayed tagline “Finest sodas since 1783”.

The range includes Classic Ginger Beer with brewed ginger, a new Spicy Ginger Beer in response to consumer demand for an ‘extra strong’ variant with an intense ginger kick, Light Ginger Beer with just four calories, Lemon Lime & Bitters and Old Fashioned Lemonade made with real lemon juice.

“The new range offers a premium soda experience and has been tailored to appeal to adults who want to balance out their busy lives with the occasional tasteful indulgence. The new recipes have been established to meet consumer demand for an authentic taste – and we look forward to sharing the new drinks with New Zealanders,” says Jodie Timmins, Brand Manager Adult & Flavours at Coca-Cola New Zealand.

Ginger beer has already proved itself as a crowd favourite, generating more sales than any other adult flavour offering, prompting Schweppes to offer more ginger beer options to consumers. The Classic Ginger Beer now contains brewed ginger for a stronger ginger sensation and more authentic taste.  “Our extensive research and product sensory revealed that consumers want a real ginger beer experience. This means a well balanced and refreshing authentic ginger taste, with a good level of ginger bite. There are three ginger beer variants, to suit varying consumer tastes: Classic, Spicy and Light,” adds Jodie Timmins.

The new Schweppes range is available in individual 330ml glass bottles and convenient four packs throughout supermarkets, cafes, petrol stations, convenience stores, licensed and food service outlets across New Zealand.