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Society of Beer Advocates Award Winners 2014

SOBA - ImageThe Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA) has announced the winners of the SOBA Awards 2014. These awards are intended to recognise, reward and encourage those who are providing excellent products and services to the beer community and industry.

SOBA is a consumer-based organisation with a mission to educate, promote, and advocate for the appreciation of, and access to, a diverse range of quality beer.

These results are based on voting by the SOBA membership, all of whom are beer enthusiasts and many who are employed in the industry.

National Awards

Best Brewery: Garage Project, 2nd Panhead

Best Beer: Panhead The Vandal, 2nd Panhead Black Sabbath

Best Home Brew Store: Brewers Coop (Auckland), 2nd equal The Brew House (Wellington) and Finney’s Homebrew Emporium (Christchurch)

Regional Awards

Best Bars:
Brothers Beer (Auckland), 2nd Vultures Lane
Good George (Waikato), 2nd Little George
The Hour Glass (Taranaki), 2nd Mike’s Tasting Room and Cafe
Rutland Arms Inn (Whanganui)
Hashigo Zake (Wellington), 2nd Golding’s Free Dive
The Freehouse (Nelson), 2nd The Mussel Inn
Dodson Street (Marlborough), 2nd Grovetown Hotel
Pomeroy’s (Canterbury), 2nd The Volstead Trading Company
Tonic (Otago), 2nd Albar

Best Restaurants:
Depot (Auckland)
Gothenburg (Waikato)
Ortega Fish Shack (Wellington), 2nd Fork and Brewer
Pomeroy’s (Canterbury), 2nd Cassells and Sons, The Brewery
Ombrellos (Otago)

Best Off Licenses:
Hop Scotch (Auckland) 2nd Liquorland New Market
Hamilton Beer and Wine Company (Waikato)
Liquorland, Fitzroy (Taranaki)
Regional Wines and Spirits (Wellington), 2nd Thorndon New World
Fresh Choice, Richmond (Nelson)
Fresh Choice, Parklands (Canterbury), 2nd equal Fresh Choice Merivale and Liquorland Riccarton

Best Beer Events:
SOBA City of Ales (Auckland)
Beervana (Wellington), 2nd SOBA winter ales festival
MarchFest (Nelson)
The Great Kiwi Beer Festival (Canterbury), 2nd South Island Beer Festival
Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival (Otago)

SOBA has also elected to honour the following people for their service to SOBA:
Grieg McGill
Alex McGill
Stephanie Coutts