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The growing threat of “pub sheds”

Pub Sheds - ImageTraditional hospitality venues are already under pressure from the growing popularity of buying from off-licenses and drinking from home. New information from Britain suggests there is a new threat – rather flash looking “pub sheds”.

A UK real estate website reported:

“Backyard sheds are a dime a dozen. Most of them are useful for lawnmowers, tools or perhaps your hubby’s smelly old high school sports paraphernalia. However, there’s a growing trend of pub sheds that not only allow you to calm your nerves after a hard day’s work, but to do so in style from your very own back yard. So even if your budget doesn’t allow for a hidden swimming pool or a $2 Million Backyard Paradise, you can now have a fun backyard project to look forward to.”


To be honest, the pub sheds pictured look deeply cool. They include pub sheds featuring:


  • Swivel stools
  • Maps and history
  • A Singapore hotel theme
  • An emergency hammock
  • Banjo playing chap
  • 1950s diner decor
  • Best. Super Bowl Party. Ever
  • A freaking Castle
  • The dog house – but in a good way.


TheShout is officially jealous.


Source: Lighter Side of Real Estate –