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Three of Australasia’s top chefs come together at Hilton Auckland

rsz_hilton_garethThe knives are out as three of Australasia’s hottest chefs battle it out for a one-off night of culinary theatre, hosted by FISH at Hilton Auckland. Two premier courses from each chef, paired with local wine, resulting in an indulgent six course degustation dinner, flexing skill and mastery rarely seen in one kitchen, all for the benefit of the diners.

The Import: Luke Mangan has more than 10 restaurants across Australia, Asia, and the Maldives. A skilled and prolific restaurateur, called “A colossus” by Anthony Bordain, the man behind Sydney’s glass restaurant and the international high-end Salt Grill chain knows what it takes to make dining an event.

Odds on being impressed by an Australian: 10/10

The Local: Shane Yardley is on home turf. Executive chef at FISH and protégé of Simon Gault for nearly 20 years this Auckland boy knows his way around the kitchen and has hometown advantage.

Odds on blowing your culinary mind: 10/10

The Celebrity: Gareth Stewart jumps from your TV screen to your dinner plate, judge on My Kitchen Rules New Zealand, and newly appointed head chef of Nourish group, Gareth has all the shine of a rock star chef.

Odds on flooring you with flavour: 10/10

Each dish is presented with regionally paired wines guaranteed to ignite your senses with New Zealand’s finest flavors. Sit back and enjoy the stunning harbour views FISH has to offer and let Luke, Gareth and Shane take you on a rare journey of culinary indulgence.

Price: $175 per person including paired wines

Date: 30 November 2015

Where: FISH restaurant, Hilton Auckland