Every day hundreds of local restaurants in Auckland partner with Uber Eats to feature dishes on their menus that celebrate what bees are most famous for – honey. 

From today, Uber Eats will connect four honey-loving local restaurants with beekeeper experts, Bees Up Top to install beehives at local Auckland favourites with Boy & Bird, Happy Boy, Bowl & Arrow and Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar. They will also set to feature the honey harvested from their own hives in specially curated limited edition menu items.

 “Given the humble bee is responsible for pollinating almost a third of the foods we eat, their importance cannot be underestimated, especially when we look at how many restaurants on our platform rely on fresh, local produce,” says Uber Eats, Head of Cities ANZ, Luke Mulholland,

“We’re delighted to help these four restaurants sustainably source an important ingredient, with all the honey produced in the hives flowing back to the restaurants, reducing the cost of a key ingredient but no doubt delighting eaters across Auckland.” 

Restaurants will also sell honey jars alongside seed kits for the community, so that with each honey jar purchased on Uber Eats, Aucklanders will be able to plant their own ‘bee buffet’ in their gardens at home.

Bees Up Top, Director and Beekeeper, Jessie Baker, “New Zealand has already led the way in creating various hives in urban areas, but we are increasingly seeing that more flowers in the suburbs are needed to create pollinating pit-stops for the bees, en route to rooftop hives” 

“We need to be planting more flowers for our buzzing friends to pollinate, they’re very much attracted to the colour blue so flowers like lavender work best” adds Jessie.

Aucklanders can get their hands on 300ml jars of homegrown honey and the sachet of seeds exclusively at these restaurants on the Uber Eats app for $13. 

Users will need to look out for the 🐝  emoji next to the restaurants on the app to purchase their own honey and search for specially curated honey dishes available directly by searching Boy & Bird, Happy Boy, Bowl and Arrow and Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar.

While Uber’s platform is always here to get people, products and produce from A to B across Aotearoa, this offering will only be getting Aucklanders from A to Bee, for a limited time.

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