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Wither Hills launches Made Beautifully

rsz_wither_hillsIconic Marlborough winery, Wither Hills, has launched a multifaceted campaign designed to inform consumers that the award-winning Wither Hills wine is more than a name; it’s a place where great wine is “Made Beautifully”.

The campaign incorporates a new positioning, breathtaking imagery shot from Wither Hills’ Taylor River vineyard, and innovative digital experiences, all underpinned by the “Made Beautifully” message.

Dave Campbell, Senior Brand Manager at Lion says the Wither Hills brand is in great strength, making it the ideal time to capture that momentum by communicating more of the Wither Hills story.

“The campaign is about reaffirming the beautiful place our wine comes from, in addition to highlighting the people and the passion that goes into making Wither Hills. It’s this blend of place, people and passion that makes Wither Hills what it is,” says Campbell.

To communicate this story, Wither Hills is rolling out an exquisitely realised above-the-line campaign, blending the Wither Hills bottle into the dramatic backdrop of the Wither Hills ranges, paired with the “Made Beautifully” tagline.

Digital billboards featuring the new creative will transition from Sauvignon Blanc to Rosé to Pinot Noir as the day progresses from morning to afternoon to night, giving commuters the chance to see the see the sun setting on the stunning Wither Hills ranges.

Accompanying this is the Wither Hills 360 Experience — a virtual reality tour that can be taken from the comfort of your own home. Viewers will experience a day in the life of a Wither Hills winemaker as they’re led among the vines, observe a wine blending session in the barrel hall, visit the Wither Hills cellar door, and are flown over the estate at sunset. Wither Hills will be releasing the 360 Degree Experience online in the coming months, and plan to roll it out in-store later in the year.

Sally Williams, a Winemaker at Wither Hills for over 12 years, believes the campaign has perfectly captured the essence of the wine and the region it hails from. “It takes a beautiful place to make a beautiful wine, and that is the story that we want to share.”

Further supporting the ‘Made Beautifully’ campaign is the relaunch of Wither Hills’ Single Vineyard range, which will feature three new vintage wines from Wither Hills’ most iconic vineyards, Rarangi (Sauvignon Blanc), Benmorven (Chardonnay), and Taylor River (Pinot Noir).